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After more than three years of research and development, Jiangsu Keqiang New Materials Co., Ltd. has been compared and tested by professional testing institutions, and the technical quality indicators of the product chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber wrapping tape have reached the quality standards of American Brown wrapping tape. The product uses a polyester fabric mesh that has undergone a special weaving process and treatment as the skeleton material, and a layer of hot-melt bonded Hypalon rubber (130±5℃X3mm) is compounded on top and bottom. The Hypalon rubber has bright color and light. It has the advantages of non-discoloration, ozone resistance, UV resistance, salt spray resistance, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc., so it is used as a rubber anti-corrosion belt on cable-stayed bridge steel cables as a characteristic of all-weather light-colored products. In order to fully consider the on-site construction and hot-melt wrapping, the product uses hot-melt adhesive polymer materials with excellent weather resistance in the formulation design to ensure the reliable operation and stability of the hot-melt wrapping process. After wrapping, the overlapping area is completely fused into a whole and cannot be separated. The frame material and the upper and lower covering rubbers have a certain heat shrinkage rate after high temperature (130±5℃) heat melting to ensure that the wrapping tape is tightly wrapped with the steel cable, preventing the corrosion of the metal by the external medium, thereby further extending the steel cable Service life.   (Bridges used: Qingshui River Suspension Bridge-Guiyang, Zhuzhou Fengxi Bridge, etc.)
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