EPDM waterproofing membrane

Source:Jiangsu Keqiang New Material Co., Ltd Release time:2021-07-29 16:44:34 Author:2266

The main component of EPDM liner film is rubber roll material. It is a single-layer synthetic rubber film composed of vinyl-propylene-diene monomer, added with carbon black, solvent oil, curing agent and The water-proof membrane is formed by mixing processing aids, calendering and forming, and then vulcanizing.

Advantages of Keqiang EPDM rubber gasket system
● Complete auxiliary materials and optimized design, and the main materials together form a complete product system, and there are corresponding treatment methods for almost all nodes of the artificial water body anti-seepage design.
● The coil is manufactured in a wide format. The maximum size of the coil is 20m wide and 50m long, 1000 square meters per roll, which greatly reduces the amount of construction, effectively reduces the risk of leakage, increases the construction speed, and simplifies the difficulty of construction.
● A strong business and technical team provides various services such as application solutions, construction node diagram design, economic calculations, on-site technical support and after-sales service.
● Environmental protection and non-toxic. Cold adhesive construction is safe and convenient. Through the application of lap tape, various emissions and volatile organic matter released into the air are greatly reduced. And it is an inert material and can be recycled.
● Reduce the cost of use. The use cycle far exceeds other materials, one-time investment, long-term benefit. As long as it is not damaged after the construction is completed, very little maintenance is required during use.