Silicone sheet for solar laminator

Source:Jiangsu Keqiang New Material Co., Ltd Release time:2021-07-29 16:45:43 Author:1987

Product Description

Special silicone sheet for solar laminator, Keqiang high-tear-resistant silicone sheet is made of world-renowned brands of raw materials, and is produced using * patented process technology and special equipment assembly line. The product has high stability and good reliability. It is professionally used for solar laminators, etc. equipment.

This book introduces acid-resistant, medium-resistant, high-temperature-resistant environmentally friendly reinforced materials and special framework materials on the basis of the original environmentally friendly silica gel board. Thereby, the tensile strength, tear strength, and dimensional stability of the silicone plate are greatly improved, and the service life of the product is prolonged.
In addition, it also has the advantage that when the rubber sheet is used to the maximum, it will not cause damage to the solar cell components. *The door width can reach 4000mm without seams.

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