silicone elastic fabric

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The silicone cloth is made of glass fiber as the base cloth and then coated with silicone rubber
From the coating surface, there are two kinds of silicone cloth: single-sided silicone cloth and double-sided silicone cloth. The application characteristics of single-sided and double-sided silicone cloth are basically similar. Single-sided silicone cloth is mainly used in some special environments without double-sided silicone. In order to save related costs, such as shoe materials, the coating only needs to be chemically resistant on one side (such as a sauna).
   From the type of silicone: silicone cloth has two types: room temperature curing silicone cloth and high temperature curing silicone cloth.
   difference: different temperature resistance range, different curing strength, different performance after burning (high-temperature curing smokeless, odorless, quickly extinguished, and the ash turns white) and the service life is also different.
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