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Our company specializes in the production of soft oil tanks of various specifications, the specifications are 5 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 15 cubic meters, 20 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters...250 cubic meters, and can also make the soft oil tanks you need according to the specific specifications provided by the customer. Oil tanks are mainly used in the power industry, petroleum industry and chemical industry, making them a substitute for traditional oil tanks. In power supply companies, many oil-filled power equipment, such as large transformers, circuit breakers and switches, often require oil replenishment or oil filtering during maintenance or emergency repairs. To complete this work, large iron oil tanks need to be transported. On site, for the 110KV and above transformers to be repaired, each oil tank has a capacity of 10 to 20 cubic meters, and the oil tank has a weight of 1 to 2 tons. It needs to be transported by cranes and large trailers, sometimes because the tank has not been used for a long time. , Before use, you must also clean the iron cans. After the iron cans are used up, they must be treated with anti-corrosion. For top reasons, it usually takes about a week to complete this work. The labor intensity is relatively large. The transformer has been overhauled for a long time. The personnel bring a lot of inconvenience.  With the use of foldable soft oil tanks, the labor intensity problem will be solved. It is foldable, small in size and light in weight when empty. For example, a soft tank with a capacity of 10 cubic meters weighs only 50 kilograms, which is more than 30 times lighter than an iron tank. Because the soft oil tank is fully enclosed, the internal oil is not in contact with the air, so that the oil filter maintenance work will not be affected in the rainy and cloudy south. In addition, because the soft oil tank is made of polymer synthetic materials, it will never rust, and there is no need for post-use anti-corrosion treatment. After use, just fold it up and transport it back to a small corner of the warehouse for storage. It's okay. It is precisely because of its many advantages: small size, light weight, good airtightness, no rust and strong maneuverability, which can bring great convenience to the maintenance work and greatly increase the speed of equipment repair. With high economic performance and high price ratio, it will be a better product to replace oil cans in the future.
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