EPDM waterproofing membrane

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Product description: Excellent physical and chemical properties, high strength, high elongation (over 450% elongation), good low temperature flexibility. (It can still be constructed at minus 45°C, and the construction quality can be guaranteed) Excellent aging resistance (theoretical service life obtained from the laboratory simulated aging test is more than 50 years) Strong dimensional stability, moisture resistance
Whether it is a calm black or a bright white, our products are suitable for the following types of roofs: Metal structure (steel structure) roof Lightweight roof Photovoltaic roof Wood structure roof Heavy-duty roof concrete roof Large flat roof Human roof Metal roof repair Planting roofs with complex slopes
Abandon the traditional concrete structure and low-quality waterproof membrane, the product can also be applied to the following various occasions: Garden landscape (artificial lake, landscape pond, stream, natural swimming pool, etc.) Commercial water storage body (golf/ski field, etc.) Artificial wetland (Isolation layer) Agriculture and fishery (drains, irrigation lakes, aquaculture facilities, etc.) Water conservancy and municipal engineering (river treatment, etc.) Landfill sewage treatment plant
Polymer self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane
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