Polymer self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane

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The membrane is a waterproof material specially developed for the waterproof pre-laying part of the building. It is composed of high-density polyethylene sheet, polymer self-adhesive film and particle anti-adhesive layer with special performance requirements. Researched and developed non-asphalt-based polymer pre-paved waterproofing membrane!
   The polymer self-adhesive film and the cement slurry that has not initially set in the concrete will creep through the anti-adhesive layer under pressure to form an effective interpenetrating bond and huge intermolecular force. After the concrete is cured, the gap between the polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane and the main body of the structure is sealed, eliminating the channel of water channeling. Physical properties of synthetic polymer pre-laid cold self-adhesive waterproof membrane

Advantages of polymer waterproofing membrane 1. Reliable quality
   Coiled material is light in weight, easy to hang and spread on the side wall facade and the initial lining of the tunnel, the overlap is reliable, and the construction quality is easy to guarantee.
  Under the influence of the actual construction site environmental factors, the coiled material can effectively bond with the concrete structure, forming a composite + fusion waterproof system, fully recovering and exerting the self-waterproof function of the concrete structure, and reducing the probability of leakage. The waterproof effect is guaranteed, and the single-layer use can meet the requirements of the first-level waterproof fortification standard.
2. Shorten the construction period
   Low requirements for base surface conditions, base surface moisture content has no effect on waterproofing, and is not affected by weather. Compared with the traditional waterproofing method, the structure is simplified, and the optimization of the construction period is extremely obvious. For example, the construction and maintenance time of the leveling layer, the isolation layer, and the protective layer are omitted, which greatly shortens the total construction period of the project.
3. Simple system and low cost
   The simplification of the leveling layer, protective layer and other structures greatly reduces the cost of the system, and at the same time reduces the amount of earth excavation. The control of hidden construction costs is also very obvious, such as: low leakage rate reduces maintenance costs, speeds up construction progress, and reduces financial costs.
4. Safety and environmental protection
   No need for primer and open flame operation, avoiding dangerous sources, eliminating potential safety hazards and saving resources at the same time. Application field of polymer self-adhesive waterproof membrane    Keqiang company adopts a unique product formula, so that the performance of the product far exceeds the general self-adhesive membrane, and its good performance makes it widely used in various fields of waterproofing. Polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane can be applied to various concrete roof waterproofing in industry and construction industry, basement, subway tunnel, air-raid shelter, grain storage, garbage disposal and other waterproof projects. Polymer self-adhesive waterproof membrane packaging and transportation    products are packed in plastic woven bags. Strictly prevent the sun and rain during transportation, and strictly forbid to approach the fire source, prevent collision, and ensure that the packaging is intact.
  When the product is stored, it should be stored in a ventilated and cool place. The coiled material should be laid flat, and the stack height should not exceed four layers. It is forbidden to approach the fire source.
  Under normal storage and transportation conditions, the shelf life of the product is 12 months. If the shelf life is exceeded, it can be inspected according to the items specified in this standard, and it can still be used if it meets the requirements.

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