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Product description: Our company has developed and produced a variety of household graphene heating carpets. The heating element in this product is a graphene electric heating film. It uses professional equipment to mix and calender to produce a rubber diaphragm suitable for heating element packaging. The body and the rubber diaphragm are press-fitted and packaged. The product heats up quickly, and the temperature is adjusted freely by a thermostat. At present, the product has been put on the market. The product has three main specifications and sizes, 2mx1.6m/2.3mx1.6m/1.6x1.2m, rated voltage 220V, and rated power 960W/600W. The heating carpets currently promoted by our company are mainly flocked heating carpets, floor-pattern heating carpets and cartoon pattern heating carpets suitable for children. Of course, our company can also customize heating carpets according to customer needs. In the future, our company will continue to develop heating yoga stems and thick suede heating carpets according to market demand. The specification of the graphene heating sheet produced by our company is 3500 (length) x 250 (width) x 16 (thickness) mm, built-in graphene heating film, the heating film specification is 3400x210x6mm, and the heating power is 500w. The graphene heating sheet is composed of a core heating layer and a surface encapsulation layer. The core heating layer uses the current mainstream heating material graphene heating film on the market, and the surface encapsulation layer uses the rubber sheet produced by our company. The heating diaphragm and the rubber diaphragm are pressed and packaged to form the final product graphene heating sheet. When the graphene heating layer is energized, it quickly converts electrical energy into thermal energy, and transfers it to the outside in the form of heat conduction and thermal convection. The conversion rate of electrical energy to thermal energy is high. The heating layer rapidly heats up and transfers outward under the action of current, and the rubber encapsulation layer has excellent insulation properties, which also ensures the safety performance of the product.
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